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Mossland Memorial Golf Course – Flagler, CO

30 Mar
March 30, 2016
Mossland Memorial GC #1

Hole #1 – Par 4, 299 yards – A rollercoaster opening hole

Call Maryann if you need a cart or range balls. This was the handwritten sign posted on the door of the clubhouse. Don’t you just love small town golf courses? This is course number 4 of the I-70, Eastern Colorado, Small Town Golf Trail trip. I’m getting tired so if you want to learn more about Mossland Memorial Golf Course, please visit my blog post about Stratton Golf Course – it’s a carbon copy.  Read more →

Tamarack Golf Club – Limon, CO

12 Jan
January 12, 2016
Tamarack Golf Club #3

Hole #3 – Par 5, 501 yards – Football field-sized fairway.

AT49 Log: November 3, 2015; Tamarack Golf Club: Limon, CO; Conditions: sunny, windy & 72 degrees. If that didn’t register, that’s 72 degrees in November (snow was forecast in two days) – don’t you just love Colorado?! This day was a windy; lost bally (pronounced bawlly); bendy; leafy; and tumbleweedy type of day. I deposited my $16 in the drop box (nobody home when I started); walked to the first tee where I proceeded to  Read more →

Stratton Golf Club – Stratton, CO

02 Dec
December 2, 2015
Stratton Golf Club #1

Hole #1 – Par 4, 355 yards. Fairways don’t get any wider than this.

Finding the course was my first order of business. Driving down Wyoming Ave., I read the street signs – 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and made my left at 1st (or what I thought was 1st) and ended up at the course but no signs of a clubhouse. I saw the maintenance shed and the 6th tee box. I walked around and saw no one.  Read more →

Prairie Pines Golf Club – Burlington, CO

08 Sep
September 8, 2015
Prairie Pines GC #3

Hole #3 – Par 3, 172 yards (blue tees)

I was greeted by a wave of youngsters as they loudly exited the course. I had arrived as these junior golfers had just finished their round and lessons. Great job by Prairie Pines to help grow the game! I had driven three hours to play at the eastern edge of Colorado and I was able to walk right on – luckily the kids had just finished. This was Day 1 of my I-70, Eastern Colorado, Small Town Golf Trail trip.

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Quint Valley Golf Course – Byers, CO

02 Jul
July 2, 2015
Quint Valley entrance

Quint Valley Entrance – Porta Potty tells it all.

On a beautiful sunny autumn day, we were the only golfers on the course. Let me clarify this, we were the only people at the course. The “clubhouse” board stated, if there is no attendant (there was none), just put your $9 in the envelope and deposit it in the slot on the counter. We finally encountered someone at the third hole. He was the General Manager, Head Pro, Head Groundskeeper – you get the picture. The only other living thing we saw was a turtle slowly making his way across the fairway at #8. Read more →

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