Mossland Memorial Golf Course – Flagler, CO

30 Mar
March 30, 2016
Mossland Memorial GC #1

Hole #1 – Par 4, 299 yards – A rollercoaster opening hole

Call Maryann if you need a cart or range balls. This was the handwritten sign posted on the door of the clubhouse. Don’t you just love small town golf courses? This is course number 4 of the I-70, Eastern Colorado, Small Town Golf Trail trip. I’m getting tired so if you want to learn more about Mossland Memorial Golf Course, please visit my blog post about Stratton Golf Course – it’s a carbon copy. 

Well, not really; however the greens, collars around the greens, and fairway conditions were very similar. Since I didn’t need a cart and didn’t want to bother Maryann, I dropped my $13 in the tube and moved to the first tee box. For the second consecutive day, I was the only person on the golf course. The temperature was in the low 90’s and I seriously thought about calling Karen and telling her that if I don’t contact her within two hours to send a search party.

Back to the tee box at Hole #1. A rollercoaster opening hole. Your downhill tee shot needs to stop short of the creek and your uphill second shot has to find a small green. The vast fairway should help you attain par here. The I-70 courses all believe in the expansive look and this continues at Hole #2. This dogleg right par 4 requires two good pokes to get to the putting surface.

Mossland Memorial GC #2

Hole #2 – Par 4, 403 yards – Do you think you can hit this fairway?

Okay, maybe there is a slight difference with this course and it is in the form of water. Everything slopes to the left (and the pond) on Hole #3, however, the water should not come into play. The 504 yard par 5 fifth hole is the #1 handicap. Water skirts across a portion of the fairway just short of the green – you can’t see water or the green from the tee box. So beware if you are going after the green in two. I laid up to a perfect number but did have a tricky downhill lie.

Make sure you have water! There is no water and very little shade, so when you find it, take the time to enjoy. Wait, what do I hear, a cart? A lovely cart girl and liquid refreshment? Is the heat getting to me? Do I need to call Karen? The mirage turned out to be not a cart girl, but a grizzly old man cutting the grass. Back to reality and Hole #6 – an uphill par 3. The cup is hidden from view and my shot was headed right at the flag. Thoughts of my first ace came to mind (another hallucination?) as I approached the green (no ball in sight) and the cup (still no ball). My ace turned to bogey as I found my ball nestled next to a tree behind the green.

Mossland Memorial GC #6

Hole #6 – Par 3, 98 yards. ACE?

Holes #7 and #8 – just hit them long and straight. Hole #9 – remember the first hole (downhill then up)? This hole is very similar. It’s downhill, then the final walk uphill – give me a break, I’m hot, tired and thirsty! All is forgiven as I finished this round with a birdie.

Mossland Memorial #9

Hole #9 – Par 4, 271 yards. The long uphill trek.

Birdie:  I just keep being impressed by these I-70, Eastern Colorado, Small Town Golf Trail courses. The fairways are not pristine but the greens are all in excellent shape. Mossland Memorial Golf Course is soooo easy to locate. It’s on the south side of I-70 and just opposite of the I-70 Diner. Since you need refreshment before and after your round, visit the diner and experience the pork/chorizo green chile burger…and load up on water before you tee it up. If you see Maryann tell her hello from Always Time for 9!

I-70 Diner

I-70 Diner – Flagler, CO

I-70 CR 5, Flagler, CO 80815;  719-765-4659

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