Double Eagle Golf at Snipes Farm – Morrisville, PA

08 Sep
September 8, 2013
Double Eagle Golf

Double Eagle Golf at Snipes Farm – the sign says it all

What Double Eagle Golf is not:  A 9-hole golf course; a regulation 18-hole layout; a location to take your entire set of clubs; or a destination for a buddy trip.

What it is:  Memories. This course was the first location I used regulation clubs (even though it was just a wedge & putter). It’s where I took my first date (big time spender & classy guy). We started playing here in the ’60’s when it was The Morrisville Golf Farm.

What it really is:  A fun golfing experience for the entire family. Following is what you will find on the historic Snipes Farm located in beautiful Bucks County: 18-hole pitch & putt course with lights (excellent for a first date; not so good for 60 year old eyes); two miniature golf courses; a driving range with lights and heated stalls; and as the scorecard states, a course that you cannot swing your club above waist level.

What else is there:  Snipes Farm & Education Center – teaching sustainable farming and reconnecting people to the land; Music at Snipes Farm – hosting a variety of concerts and festivals; and local produce for dinner after a fun day of golf.

Double Eagle Golf

Morrisville Golf Farm ball from the ’60’s – notice the misspelling of Morrissville

Double Eagle Golf

The Morrisville Golf Farm

What is the correct spelling and pronunciation of Morrisville:  To Ed & Mike (the pros at Double Eagle), I’m not sure how the golf ball (pictured above) got into my bag some 45 years ago, but it must be a collector’s item due to the spelling of Morrissville, PA – oops! To my wife Karen who is from Colorado and always makes fun of the way I pronounce Morrisville. When researching in Wikipedia, the very first line shows how to pronounce it in a Philadelphia accent (Mars-ville).  Karen, I look forward to your apology at any time!

What is this facility doing in my 9-hole golf blog?  Please refer to What it is.

860 West Bridge St., Morrisville, PA 19067;  215-295-1337;


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  1. Rui says:

    At Snipes Farm Education Center, we use the land as a classroom to give visitors a new perspective on sustainable farming. We provide a hands-on, experiential education opportunities to kids and adults and essential insights into the lifecycle of the foods we eat.


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