Pine Meadows Country Club – Overgaard, AZ

26 Jan
January 26, 2014
Pine Meadows CC #3

Sign in residents backyard off 3rd fairway.

Was the three hour drive from Phoenix worth it to play this 9-hole course? The scenic and serene drive north on Highway 87 was, as it cleared my head and stirred my creative thoughts. As I turned east on Highway 260, I knew I was in trouble when 

I started to notice snow on the ground – my shorts were not going to cut it this day. You would think a guy from Colorado would understand the temperature variances that come with elevation changes. It was 80 degrees in Phoenix (elevation – 1100 ft), so why was it 50 degrees in Overgaard (elevation – 6500 ft)? Sometimes you need to call yourself an idiot, improvise, and move on.

So was it worth it? Not this day, since the course was Closed for the Season!!! Time to improvise. The course was playable, so I grabbed my clubs and headed out (don’t tell anyone I played the course for free). I loved the above sign (in someone’s backyard) at hole #3 that stated “No Hookers Allowed”. Out of bounds is very much in play on holes one through three. There are just enough hazards (water on #7 & #8) to make this course interesting.

Birdie:  So was it worth it? I would not drive three hours from Phoenix to play Pine Meadows, but if you are in this beautiful part of Arizona, stop by, play, and pay for my round. Thanks.

2209 Country Club Drive, Overgaard, AZ 85933;  800-646-5360;


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