Salt Creek Country Club – Midwest, WY

21 Nov
November 21, 2013
Salt Creek CC #6

Hole #6 with oil pump in fairway

Which came first the chicken or the egg? In the small town of Midwest, WY, they might ask a similar question – which came first the golf course or the oilfield? This 9-hole course is routed through an active oilfield. As you enter their version of Magnolia Lane, “Welcome” to Salt Creek Country Club sign greets you on the right and a

“Caution” sign (Poisonous Gas, Asphyxiant Carbon Dioxide, Hot Fluids, Automatically Starting Equipment, and High Pressure Pipelines) warns you on the left. Seems to be a bit of a contradiction.

Salt Creek CC Entrance

One of the “Welcome” signs as you enter Salt Creek Country Club

Pasture Golf ( at its “finest”. Salt Creek is a combination of golf (it does have 9 tee boxes & 9 greens); miniature golf (try to avoid the pump jacks & prairie dog holes); and sandy beaches (gravely sand greens).

Salt Creek CC

Sand GreensWyoming golfers wear Cowboy Boots & Wrangler Jeans

Double Bogey:  If you enjoy dirt tee boxes, sand greens, fairways absent of grass, poisonous gases and hot fluids all for the low cost of $2.00, then take exit 227 off I-25 for a short 6 mile drive to this once in a lifetime experience.

Hwy. 387, Midwest, WY 82643:  no phone;

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