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Tamarack Golf Club – Limon, CO

12 Jan
January 12, 2016
Tamarack Golf Club #3

Hole #3 – Par 5, 501 yards – Football field-sized fairway.

AT49 Log: November 3, 2015; Tamarack Golf Club: Limon, CO; Conditions: sunny, windy & 72 degrees. If that didn’t register, that’s 72 degrees in November (snow was forecast in two days) – don’t you just love Colorado?! This day was a windy; lost bally (pronounced bawlly); bendy; leafy; and tumbleweedy type of day. I deposited my $16 in the drop box (nobody home when I started); walked to the first tee where I proceeded to  Read more →

Pelican Lakes Golf & Country Club – Falls Course – Windsor, CO

18 Nov
November 18, 2015
Pelican Lakes GC

Pelican Lakes Golf & Country Club – The Falls Course

Directions to The Falls Course from the clubhouse: “Follow the path on the right of the putting green; go over the bridge; then turn right at the maintenance shed”. The handmade sign taped to a folding chair helped us find our way. If you are not as adventurous as we are, you can request to be personally shuttled over to the first tee. If you are walking (and I don’t encourage this), you will need to have an employee cart you to and from this 9-hole track at the Pelican Lakes complex at Water Valley.  Read more →

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